Testimony- How prayer saved me from failure


Testimony- How prayer saved me from failure

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Testimony- How prayer saved me from failure

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.Matthew 7:7

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“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7

This is the season of making prayers. This is season of pouring our whole hearts out in all forms of true prayers. I’d bet someone wants his/her faith in God to be increased. I know someone desires to know if God still answers prayers. If you are that person, read my short testimony that your faith may be increased.

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It was back in 2011 during my early days as a high school student of Electrical Electronics Engineering in Federal Polytechnics Nekede Owerri, Nigeria.

By God’s divine grace I have always been above average in academics. We were all still fresh in school and the engineering stuff was a bit high for a young star like me. I loved Physics and Math (my best subject), but electronics and electrical engineering involved more than being proficient in mathematics and physics.

In school, I was a Christian in heart and deeds. My Identity at home was my Identity in the school. The trend of boys and girls who were churchy at home but worldly outside the home was not my lot by His grace. Therefore I had the God and I had the brains but…

We had just come back from a compulsory strike and we were in a hurry to write our exams and move on to the next level. It was a struggle for everyone no matter your level of brilliancy. With about nine courses to do (I do not recall actual number), I just couldn’t wrap my head around a particular course related to electronics. Or maybe I needed some more time having just returned from the strike. However, the semester schedules don’t wait for any student and so was it for me. I eventually went into the exam to write that subject.

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As an intelligent student, I find it shameful to copy from other students because they would probably not know what they were writing. But on that day I was ready to copy because I understood absolutely nothing from the textbook. Unfortunately the exam invigilators decided to spread us out and the monitoring was very much strict that I could copy nothing. Out of the entire questions, I only managed one of the options. In the option I chose to answer, I only knew a single sub-option. Mehn!, it was that bad for me. Up to that point I have never sat for an exam and failed it. To get a carry-over was just too shameful for me, but I was helpless. My dad had told us of the day the Holy Ghost helped him to write an examination he new nothing about. On my own day, I only stared at my empty papers. After the exam, I quietly went back to the dorm, and I was never going to be the same thinking about re-seating for an exam.

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By the time I traveled back home after the semester was finally over, I decided to seek the God of my father and fathers in prayers. Every afternoon, I was full of tears because I couldn’t bear the shame. I cried to God, I cried and cried, I told God I do not want to fail that exam despite writing nothing. Not once did I pray, not twice, but until my victory came. Then one night as I slept, I had a dream where I entered the office of my lecturer. And as I entered, I narrated to him my woes in his exam. In that dream he told me that he will not fail me. When I woke up, I knew it was over. Amen!

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Brethren if I had not prayed, I would have failed and shame would have been my portion. I have seen Christians fail for one reason or the other. I have seen Christians die as if they are nothing. I have seen church members held ransom by the devil as if they are nothing. I have seen the church of my God hurt by the devil and his agents as if we are nothing. The Agents of darkness now come to our churches, sing with us and go back as if we are nothing. Yes!, any christian with a dead prayer life and dry eyes is nothing. No man is greater than his prayer life. No church is greater than her prayer life.

Brothers and sisters, I do not write unto the unbeliever who have rejected God. I write to the Churches of my heavenly father and my master- the Holy Spirit. I do not write to pastors, evangelists, apostles and bishops, I write to every member of the body of Christ. No man is grater than his prayer life. We must go back to prayer supplications and intercessions.

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Finally, may I remind us that holiness, faith and righteousness are the wheels of prayer. If a man is unholy, his prayer is an abomination unto God. Therefore we must put away sinful deeds that our prayers may be answered.

He who lacks grace for these things must ask from Jesus Christ, He is zealous to help his church. Amen!!

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Pastor Ogba Victor is a Levite and Pastor with the Assemblies of God movement in Nigeria. A friend of God and A servant to the Churches.

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